A Father’s Day Message to Dads Everywhere

A Father’s Day Message

Your role in raising your children has never been more important than it is today.

  • Do you want your children to live in a better world?
  • Do you want them to have safety and security?
  • Do you want them to know that they can achieve their dreams if they are willing to work for them?
  • Do you want them to know they are loved, appreciated, cherished?
  • Do you want your children to know how to treat each other and the ones they love?
  • Do you want your children to have honor, integrity, character?
  • Do you want your children to learn that it is better to give than to receive?

This is only a short list of the values that are your responsibility to teach to your children. If you want your kids to have these things in their life, it is up to you to teach them and foster their growth in these areas.

Our world today will not teach your children these values. If any of these are important to you, and you would like to see these values continue in your children’s, and their children’s lives, you must provide the foundation of these principles.

The best way to teach them, is to live by example.

Your children are watching and learning! They hear what you say, and repeat it. They see what you do, and repeat it!

Even when they are not within eyesight, or earshot, they are guided by the principles you live by! If you want your children to have honor, integrity, and character, you must be the shining, living, example of each. Teach them not only by telling them, but, by showing them!

The world around your kids is teaching them too!

But, what are the lessons they are learning? To really take a look at what the world is teaching is a scary thing, but, you must look at it! Without your guidance and example your children are being brainwashed by commercialism and led down the liar’s path of moral relativism.

The only “values” they are receiving are the “value” meals at McDonalds.

There are many people today that want to usurp your ability to teach your children wholesome values because it makes them less likely to be the sheep the system wants them to be.

This is NOT a new problem.

No, this is not a new problem, it has been happening for decades. But, if you turn a blind eye, or, do not take aggressive steps to promote appropriate values, you can be sure that more “popular” influences will dominate.

Do you think we are living in a time of peace and tranquility? Or, are we seeing an increasing rise in the level of turmoil, hate, vitriol, and division?

The Answer is Simple Dads.

A Father's Day Message

Live like your children will repeat everything you say and do! Because they will.

You are laying the foundation for your children’s’ lives. They will live by the values you teach when you show by example the importance of such things. Failure to do so will have just as great an impact.

A Father’s Day Message

I wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!

But, I ask you, please, for the sake of your kids future, take a good look at the lessons you are teaching. Help your children to learn the things that truly matter. Your role in your raising your children has never been more important than it is today.


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Official NFL Team Flags

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