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My name is Tom, and I am very happy to welcome you to The Civil Voice! It is my sincere hope that you will find education, enlightenment, and entertainment here.

Civility – Politeness, Courtesy (ref dictionary.com)

I have created The Civil Voice because I believe that regardless of where you come from, what your particular background is, we all share some common beliefs.

One of which is that we all want to be treated with civility. We want to live in a civil society where all people are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. These are principles I was taught as a child. It was a different time I suppose, but are these things any less valuable today?

You can find many examples where someone has said, “can’t we all just get along?”
This is a cry for civility.

It seems however, that there are segments of our society that are hell bent on causing chaos. Stirring up hate and discontent. We will be exploring these things here.

We, you, and I, and the rest of the world, need to condemn these practices and not give them credence. Please note that I said condemn the practices, not the people. I do believe as long as there is breath there is the opportunity for change and enlightenment.

You don’t condemn the petulant child, but the actions of he or she, as there is hope that the child will learn that improper actions are not acceptable in a civil society. Most people learn by consequence and reward. Where there are consequences for inappropriate action, and reward for appropriate action.

We would hope that adults, having been educated, would have an understanding of these basic principles. It would appear however, that either the education in these principles is lacking, or, the consequences and rewards have become skewed.

I believe that we live in a time of crisis. As a society, we are quickly losing our civility. I also believe, as the tagline for this website states, “Without Civility There is no Credibility.”

Regardless of your particular viewpoint or cause if you cannot present yourself and your ideas with civility, you will quickly lose your personal and professional credibility.

We must demand civility from ourselves, our relationships, and our leaders.

This website is dedicated to exploring the topics of our modern world with a perspective that civility is something we all deserve.

I welcome you to engage in the discussion! Please do so with civility.