American Voters Tired of Establishment

American Voters Tired of Establishment.

American Voters Tired of Establishment

Lou Dobbs has hit the nail squarely on the head. The American people are completely fed up with politics as usual in Washington, DC.

There is a wind of change blowing strong all across the United States. Both the Democratic and Republican primaries are proof positive of the radical change ahead in our country.

For better, or for worse, people are willing to throw the dice and cast their vote for political change that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Mr. Trump is not a politician and I believe this is what is driving his popularity more than anything else.

Donald Trump for President – It’s a joke, right?

That’s exactly what people were thinking almost a year ago when Donald Trump declared that he would run for the presidency. But, it looks like the joke is on the republican party.

Here is his speech announcing his candidacy.

He joined 11 others at the time he announced running for the republican nomination. That field eventually grew to 17 major candidates.

Now, just 11 months later, Donald Trump is the presumptive republican nominee. All of his major competitors have “suspended” their campaigns.

What a circus show it has been watching the field whittled down to just Trump remaining.  I find it amazing that there is no establishment candidate left on the republican side.

Senator Ted Cruz gave it all he had but it seemed that the harder he tried, the more Trump won. Indiana was the last straw.

Senator Cruz even went so far as to make the unusual move of announcing his running mate prior to winning the nomination. Just three days prior to the Indiana primary Cruz announces Carly Fiorina as his running mate.

Some saw this as a desperate attempt to remain in the race as he had been taking a beating by Trump. But, it was to no avail.

Trump beat him soundly in the Indiana primary. Winning 53.3% to Cruz’s 36.7%, or 587,000+ votes to 404,000+ votes respectively.

Dan Spehler and Matt Smith indicate in this report that Donald Trump took the lead in every category and income level of republican primary voters in Indiana, except, those studying for postgraduate degrees.

As far as the turnout goes, it is a banner year! The turn out so far is record setting. Look at this chart from the PEW Research Center.

American Voters Tired of Establishment Capture 181 Turnout in 2016 pewresearch

Republican primary voter count is higher than ever. Suggesting there may be a republican in the White House next year.

Dissidents in the Republican Party

While Trump is the presumptive nominee for the republican party, there are many in the party that as of yet will not get onboard the Trump train.

House Speaker Paul Ryan – Not ready to support Trump

After both former President Bush’s’ declared that they would not support Donald Trump as the republican nominee, and, said that they wouldn’t even attend the convention, Former presidential candidate Governor Mike Huckabee had this to say.

There are quite a few other republican heavy hitters that have said they won’t support Donald Trump, but, I believe many of them will come along in time.

I also believe like Governor Huckabee, that if they cannot support the republican nominee regardless of their differences, then perhaps they should consider changing their party affiliation.

Donald Trump was permitted to run as a republican, he has won the nomination, and should be supported by the party. Mr. Trump was even required, as well as the other candidates, to take a pledge that he would support the nominee whoever that was. Now some of those “politicians” that took the pledge are refusing to honor the pledge.

This is the very problem that the people have with politicians in general. They have a tendency to talk out both sides of their face. Many of them stand only for what is politically expedient at the moment. When the moment is gone, so is their allegiance.

The people are tired of the political class looking out only for themselves and not for the people that they have been elected to represent.

The republican party would be wise in my opinion to work with Mr. Trump and grow the party instead of being divisive which could very badly hurt the party in the long run.

Any serious division in the republican party would only be advantageous for Hillary Clinton.

Another interesting, but, perhaps unscientific poll indicates that if it were a Trump vs. Sanders race it might be a tight one.

American Voters Tired of Establishment Capture 180 isidewith

You can see a lot of other entertaining polls from here.

Note that Bernie Sanders is way ahead of Hillary Clinton in the above poll. More evidence that american voters tired of establishment politicians.

Bernie Sanders has been putting up quite a fight for Hillary Clinton, at one point winning 7 primaries in a row. But, there is little hope that Mr. Sanders will win the democratic nomination outright.

The number of votes and delegates that he has received is more evidence that american voters tired of establishment. Bernie has been in government for quite a while, but his leftist, socialist agenda makes him anti-establishment.

Here is how the democratic delegates line up as of 5/9/2016 American Voters Tired of Establishment Capture 182 Election 2016 dem delegates 20160509

Above data from you can see the full page here.

Senator Sanders at this point has only two hopes to get the democratic party nomination and go on to the general election. The first is for there to be a contested convention where he might have the opportunity to win the delegates needed to go on.

The second is for the FBI to file charges against Hillary Clinton regarding the private email server she kept in her home that classified, state department information was found on.

Latest development in that case is that a well known Romanian hacker, Guccifer, has been extradited to the United States and has said that he had access to the email server in question.

There are many issues that are plaguing Mrs. Clinton regarding her background, her term as Secretary of State, and now her email scandal. All of which Senator Sanders has been able to capitalize on, but she still holds the lead currently.

American Voters Tired of Establishment – Obama Administration Has Created Division

The Obama administration has missed a huge opportunity in my opinion. Instead of taking advantage of being the first black president, to heal the nation and bring people together, there is more division now than in any time in recent history.

Obama did NOT win the presidency without the vote of white americans, but, it seems that he has driven a wedge ever deeper between the races, and the classes in the country.

If you don’t agree with his progressive agenda, you are called a racist. It must be that you don’t like black people. This is not the case in the majority and his very election to the presidency is the evidence of this.

President Obama has made it clear that he will rule with the pulpit and the pen if he can’t get congress to do his bidding, and has done so many times.

These actions serve to disenfranchise the american people. This can only go on so long before there is revolution of one kind or another.

We are witness now to a political revolution. I hope that we can maintain our civility throughout.


6 thoughts on “American Voters Tired of Establishment”

  1. Well said Tom W. I enjoyed listening to Mike Huckabee and the passion he spoke with in regard to supporting the nominee. Good facts, graphs, and video samples.

    1. Greetings Lexy!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment regarding “American Voters Tired of Establishment.”

      Governor Huckabee is an easy man to respect that’s for sure. He has a way of getting right to the heart of an issue. I would be happy to call him friend and would trust what he had to say certainly. I’m very glad you enjoyed the article and I hope to see your engaging input more in the future!

      All the best to you!

  2. I love this. I have been on the edge with Donald Trump since day one. I said for a long time that he should run simply because of his financial ability. Maybe he can get us on track to be out of debt, he certainly does not need our money.

    I was all supportive of him. Then he got very mouthy and I was standoffish (is that a word? Ha!). Now that his political view points are funally being made clear and that he really does want to see a better America, I see no other candidate that can do that at this point. Sure as heck can not be any of the possible Democrats.

    As usual you are a very clear write with great sources! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Autumn!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comments regarding “American Voters Tired of Establishment”

      I really appreciate your visit and your comments. Given what are current choices are, I believe the only choice we have is to vote for Mr. Trump. He may be somewhat of a wild card, but I just don’t think there is any alternative at this point. The status quo politicians have let us all down. Frankly, I think it is also time that we institute term limits in the house and senate. We just cannot allow these career politicians to continue to take our country down a path of destruction while they get rich in the process.

      Thank you again for stopping by and for your comment!
      I hope to hear from you again.

      All the best to you!

  3. Hey, Tom. Fantastic website. I really enjoyed it & I normally hate politics, I find information hard to understand. You wrote it in understandable English & gave so many great graphs, charts and the videos. I am really worried about our world right now, but I will say that not all Muslims are bad. I have some very good friends that are like family that are Muslim. Oh, thanks for the subscription, too. I am looking forward to it. God Bless!

    1. Hello Sherry!
      Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com, and for your comments regarding “American Voters Tired Of Establishment”

      I am very happy that you enjoyed the article! There are a lot of people that are worried as you are. It seems that our political climate is more unsettled than ever. I really wish that people could come together and work on the things we all have in common rather than be so hyper-sensitive to our differences. I agree with you that not all muslims are bad. It is only a small percentage that are fanatical zealots. And, there are zealots on all sides.

      While we are a country founded on religious liberty, sometimes I wonder if religion is causing us all way too much grief. I believe that each person should have the right to enjoy the peaceful practice of whatever religion they like. But, If your religion tells you that others that don’t believe the same way you do must be killed, then, in my opinion, there is a fundamental problem with that religion, and I don’t think it can “live in peace and civility” with the rest.

      Thank you again for your visit and your comment! I look forward to chatting with you again!

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