United We Stand Divided We Fall

A message that has been said a thousand times. Even school children are familiar with the phrase. But, for some reason, perhaps because of its simplicity, the true meaning and purpose seems to elude us. In these trying times it feels important to remind ourselves that United We Stand Divided We Fall.

united we stand divided we fall
Pastor Mark Burns said bringing people in the country together means focusing on the colors that unite us, not divide us, and has “to start first with the leaders.”

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Voter ID Laws or Election Fraud

One of the most important elections in our country’s history is about to take place. Why are we still debating what types of ID are legal and appropriate for voters to show?  Are we better off with voter ID laws or election fraud?

Voter ID Laws - 1

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The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant

Brigitte Gabriel is known for telling it like it is! I applaud her for her forthright intellectual opinion of an issue that is on the minds of everyone. Watch her lay out the facts when asked a question by a muslim young woman. Brigitte coins the phrase the peaceful majority are irrelevant.

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Escaping Our Culturescape

Today I have the honor of sharing with you a perspective from an educated, well travelled, honorable, and intelligent man. Steve has served our country in a variety of well respected capacities and in various corners of the globe. In this article he makes us look at the perspective from which we view the world. Providing help in Escaping Our Culturescape.

Escaping Our Culturescape - female

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Can Illegal Immigrants Vote?

Get ready America! While the candidates for president have for the most part been chosen, the upcoming election will certainly be contentious and likely fraught with voter fraud of one kind or another. One issue that is coming to the forefront is the question, “Can Illegal Immigrants Vote?”

Can Illegal Immigrants Vote 1

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Do Not Immigrate If You Don’t Want To Be American

There is an immigration crisis all over the world today. It seems that there is a thankless generation of “refugees” that need the comfort and shelter of countries other than their own. The vast majority seem to be young males that should be trying to fight for their rights in their homeland. But, instead they are fleeing to neighboring countries, or around the world, and then have the gall to insist that the locals respect their ways. I know I speak for a lot of US citizens when I say DO NOT IMMIGRATE IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE AMERICAN! Just don’t come here!

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Civility, What is it? Do You Practice it?

What is civility? Dictionary.com defines it as:


Noun, plural civilities

  1. courtesy; politeness.
  2. a polite action or expression:
    an exchange of civilities
  3. archaic. civilization; culture; good breeding.

We all want to be treated with civility, but, are we practicing what we preach?

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