Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron 2

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron

What a world we live in today! On one hand, we have the wonders of technology that make our everyday lives much easier, and, put information on just about any topic in the palm of our hands!

On the other hand, this same technology, often brings us offensive and disgusting images that would be better left unseen. Unfortunately, these things pop up in my various feeds on social media, and once viewed, cannot be unseen.

I’m happy that here in the United States we have the right to express ourselves in a variety of ways. Our Freedom of Speech as provided by the First Amendment to the Constitution allows each of us the opportunity to freely and openly say, or do, a myriad of things that would be treated as a harsh offense against the government in other countries.

But, just because we CAN do a thing, does not mean that we SHOULD do that thing. Here’s a case in point.

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron

A young woman from Philadelphia, Pa. Miss Emily Lance, thought that this past 4th of July, our nation’s 241st birthday, would be the perfect time for her to express her derision for the country that has provided her with life and liberty, by expressing her urine on our flag as it lay in her toilet. Disgusting.

Certainly she has the right to her opinion. Which by the way, I feel is vile, ignorant, disgusting, disturbing, and shows that she has no respect for herself, or anyone else. But, the rest of us also have the right to believe she should be treated with the same disdain that she has for our flag.

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron 3

I generally don’t like to re post this kind of thing because I don’t want to contribute to any fame idiots like these might get from their vile and insulting actions. In this case however, I feel the need to share as much as I can about this moron.

It is important that we show our disgust with people who perform these kinds of things. Sadly, it is pretty clear that our opinion of her actions are of little regard to her. Since she can’t respect herself, she may never be able to respect others, or our flag.

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron

But, perhaps we might help just one person learn that there are better ways to express yourself, and that you don’t have to prove yourself to be a vile, disgusting, moron, to have an opinion. If you really want to make a difference, there are a million better ways to do it. Posting things like this will only harden the resolve of people who disagree with your perspective.

It has only reinforced my position that people that do these things do not deserve the rights and protections afforded them. Nor do they deserve the peace that has been paid for with the blood of thousands that have died defending that very flag.

The hate and vitriol expressed by the left for all things patriotic has reached a point I never thought I would see. I suggest to the left that you must learn to tone down your hate, or, you will only drive more civilized people away from your cause.

Emily Lance Vile Disgusting Moron 1

To Emily Lance, the civilized world is waiting for you to grow out of your immaturity. We hope that you will learn to control your animal behaviors and perhaps offer some contribution of value to the society that you show so much disdain for. Until then however, we will be happy to regard you as just another vile, disgusting, moron.

Emily, if your life here is so terrible that you have to desecrate the flag, perhaps you would be happier elsewhere. I’m sure there are plenty of people here that would help you pack!

Without civility, there is no credibility.


If you feel like you must see the video, you can see it here:

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Check out this video from Elbert Guillory he makes this point loud and clear!

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Is Islam To Blame

I am honored to have the privilege to share with you the following article. It is written by DrDeb who I hope will become a regular contributor here at TheCivilVoice.com. DrDeb is a much respected friend and an inspiration to any that have the opportunity to know her. I’m sure you all will enjoy her thoughtful perspective in this article as we explore “Is Islam To Blame”. 

Last night Omar Mir Seddique Mateen shouted “Allah Akbar” and over 100 people were either shot or wounded at his hand in Pulse, the Orlando gay night club.

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Omar Mateen Registered Democrat, Islamic Terrorist

The Islamic State has taken credit for the tragedy in Orlando Florida! The worst terrorist attack of its kind on record. 5o people dead at the scene. 53 people in critical condition at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. It appears that Islamic terrorism strikes at the heart of the sunshine state thanks to 29 year old Omar Mateen.

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Stomping the Flag

Disturbing video of protesters stomping the flag is headline news today! In case you haven’t seen it, watch the video here!

Just because something is legal to do, does that make it right to do?

Is that a concept that you believe in? Just because you can do a thing, does that mean you should do a thing?

I don’t think I can sign up for that one. Here is a prime example, at least for me, of one of those things I just can’t get behind the idea of doing.

Disturbing video of protesters stomping the flag

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