Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA

You don’t have to settle for low quality when it comes to furnishings for your home! You can have real Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA!

Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA - Amish Furniture Made In USA

Fine handcrafted furniture and accessories for every room in your home! Don’t buy another piece of presswood furniture!

TheCivilVoice.Com is very happy to be able to offer you this MADE IN USA, handcrafted, quality product! You will NOT be disappointed in any product you purchase here!

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Spinning Pole US Flag Set

You won’t have to worry about your beautiful new US Flag getting all tangled around the flagpole when you have this Premium Spinning Pole US Flag Set!

Premium Spinning Pole US Flag Set - Flag1
Complete Set – Flag, Premium Spinning Flagpole, Mounting Hardware – Only $79


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Is Islam To Blame

I am honored to have the privilege to share with you the following article. It is written by DrDeb who I hope will become a regular contributor here at DrDeb is a much respected friend and an inspiration to any that have the opportunity to know her. I’m sure you all will enjoy her thoughtful perspective in this article as we explore “Is Islam To Blame”. 

Last night Omar Mir Seddique Mateen shouted “Allah Akbar” and over 100 people were either shot or wounded at his hand in Pulse, the Orlando gay night club.

Is Islam To Blame OM1

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Omar Mateen Registered Democrat, Islamic Terrorist

The Islamic State has taken credit for the tragedy in Orlando Florida! The worst terrorist attack of its kind on record. 5o people dead at the scene. 53 people in critical condition at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. It appears that Islamic terrorism strikes at the heart of the sunshine state thanks to 29 year old Omar Mateen.

Omar Mateen - OM1

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Can Illegal Immigrants Vote?

Get ready America! While the candidates for president have for the most part been chosen, the upcoming election will certainly be contentious and likely fraught with voter fraud of one kind or another. One issue that is coming to the forefront is the question, “Can Illegal Immigrants Vote?”

Can Illegal Immigrants Vote 1

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Radical Islamic Ignorance

Are you feeling like you are bombarded everyday with unbelievable stupidity? It seems that I am seeing a new video of some kind of ridiculously stupid behavior every day. Today is no different. Let me share a taste of some radical islamic ignorance that I just came across today.

Radical Islamic Ignorance

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Gun Cabinet Made In USA

It’s more important than ever to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms and there is hardly a better way to keep your firearms than in this beautiful gun cabinet made in USA!

Mt. Eaton/Bunker Hill 10-Gun Cabinet – $2,669.15
Gun Cabinet Made In USA
am3089 Mt.Eaton/Bunker Hill 10 Gun Cabinet Only $2669.15 Click Image for more pics and options!
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Protests or Riots, Not Just Semantics

May 1, 2016 Seattle’s annual May Day march and protests turn violent. Five police officers are injured by the anti-capitalist protesters that had reportedly began throwing rocks, bricks, and molotov cocktails. Are these protests or riots? It’s not just a question of semantics.

Protests or Riots1

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