Days to Fly the American Flag

I am proud to be an American, and proud to be able to display our flag. While you can fly the flag everyday, and I like to, there are certainly some days that it is even more important. Here are some important days to fly the American flag.

Days to Fly the American Flag
 January Days to Fly the American Flag 1

January 1 – New Year’s Day
January 20 – Inauguration Day (when appropriate)
3rd Monday in January – Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday

February Days to Fly the American Flag

February 12 – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
3rd Monday in February – George Washington’s Birthday/Presidents Day


April 6 – Army Day (Navy)
April 13 – Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday (Army)
April 14 – Pan American Day (Lat. American Embassies)

May Days to fly the american flag Americanflag2

May 1 – Loyalty Day / Law Day (Army)
2nd Sunday In May – Mother’s Day
May 15 – Peace Officers Memorial Day (Half Staff)
3rd Saturday in May – Armed Forces Day
May 22 – National Maritime Day
Last Monday in May – Memorial Day (Half Staff 0600 – 1200 hrs)

June Days to fly the american flag american-flags3

June 14  – Flag Day
3rd Sunday in June – Father’s Day


July 4 – Independence Day
July 27 – Korean War Armistice Day (Half Staff)


August 19 – National Aviation DayDays to fly the american flag american-flag4


1st Monday in September – Labor Day
September 11 – Patriot Day (Half Staff)
September 17 – Constitution Day
3rd Friday in September – POW/ MIA Rec. Day
Last Sunday in September – Gold Star Mother’s Day (Army)Days to fly the american flag americanflag5


2nd Monday in October – Columbus Day
October 27 – Navy Day (Navy and Marine Corps)


November 10 – Marine Corp Birthday (Marine Corps
November 11 – Veterans Day
4th Thursday in November – Thanksgiving Day


December 7 – Pearl Harbor Day (Half Staff)
December 17 – Pan American Aviation Day
December 25 – Christmas Day

In addition to the above calendar days to fly the american flag, you should also fly it on states birthdays. and state holidays.

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4 thoughts on “Days to Fly the American Flag”

  1. Love it!
    Thanks for breaking it down to us.

    I have bookmarked your site, this page in particular.

    This is something, that I would like to into the habit of doing.My favorite date is the 19th August, The Aviation day.

    Why? You make ask, because it’s my birthday.You can guarantee that I will certainly be flying the flag up high on that day.

    Take Care

    1. Hi Roopesh! Thanks for visiting the site and for your comments regarding Days to Fly the American Flag!

      I will wish you a Happy Birthday! although it is very early 🙂 ..

      All the best to you!



  2. What a great post! I even showed it to my husband. He loved that you’re so patriotic. He also said, “More people in Australia should be like you.’

    I also want to thank you, as an Australian citizen, born and grown I had no idea why these dates were so important to Americans. However, thanks to you I now understand the significance of these dates and why the American flag is flying so freely.

    1. Hi Amberlee!

      Thank you very much for visiting and for your comment regarding Days to Fly the American Flag!

      Im very happy that you have found the information helpful and informative! Sadly, most Americans don’t know all the special days and the reason for them.

      Hope to talk to you again!


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