Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List

I want to share with you a response I got today from Dr. Deb on a post I wrote about Hillary and all her scandals. Please take a moment to read Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List.

Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List - Shh

Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List.

Here’s the link if you would like to see the original article.
Hillary Clinton Scandals List.

Here is Dr. Debs response.

Thanks, Tom for the great article and compilation of evidence you provided that completely reveal the criminals Hillary and Bill Clinton are.

You pointed out in your closing remarks how it is almost impossible to believe that a criminal with the background Hillary has could have the level of support from so many citizens that she does let alone be allowed to run for president.

I am just as sickened by these facts as you are.

Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List – Democrats would vote for her dead body.

I read a few comments today that have helped to provide some insight on this.

One gentleman in response to an article about Hillary’s bad health said something to the effect that democrats would vote for her dead body if that’s what it took to get her in office.

Simply because she represents the democratic machine that will give them the stuff they want as long as they keep the machine running by voting for it.

Such voters have self-focused tunnel vision and could care less about right or wrong, criminal or not, legal or illegal behaviors.

Hillary’s ill-gotten gains are only a very magnified picture of their own ill-gotten gains and the fact that they — just like her — will do anything, hurt anyone, destroy lives and goods, lie about EVERYTHING to get what they want and say they deserve.

Not a DNA strand’s worth of inclination to do an honest day’s work, help another person, pull their share of the load, or do the right thing — all just like Hillary.

So, in their minds they are just electing themselves into the office so they can keep getting what they want.

Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List – “She’s NEVER been charged”

Another reason that Hillary is accepted as a reasonable candidate for president is because she has NEVER been charged, prosecuted, served time or lost privileges of any kind.

Even though she has been involved in some crimes that scream TREASON as well as the countless other times she has broken the law and even been involved with over 50 people who have been murdered or died suspiciously.

This is where the second piece of information I got today comes into play. That came from comments Trey Gowdy made about why Comey didn’t push to prosecute Hillary:

‘“Remember [FBI director] James Comey said she was not indicted because he didn’t have sufficient evidence on the issue of intent?

I didn’t see any questions on the issue of intent,” the congressman said. “There’s no question she handled [classified emails] negligently or extremely carelessly.

He said he didn’t go forward with charges because she didn’t have specific criminal intent. I didn’t see any questions on that,” Gowdy added.

Gowdy said two questions that should have been asked in ferreting out the issue of her intent are, “Why did you delete emails that you kept for a year-and-a-half?” after her work-related emails became the subject of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Second, “Why didn’t you turn emails over the day you left service?” or shortly thereafter as required by law.’

Here is the interview referenced above.

Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List – “Why would they avoid such questions?”

Gowdy’s bottom line is that Comey (and countless others in my opinion) don’t want to pursue answers to the questions that would blatantly show Hillary for the traitor, liar, and thief she is.

And why would they avoid such questions?

Because their pockets are being lined, their bread is being buttered, their house/car payments are being made by monies from Hillary, Bill, the Clinton Foundation, or one of the thousands of her cronies.

And they, too, just like the worthless single-self-visioned voters who want her or people like her in office, aren’t going to trade or give up their self-righteous lifestyle, possessions, or power simply to do the right thing for America, Americans, or humanity.

Thanks again, Tom, for the great article and insights.

I know it’s tough to look at the depth of this upside down, alternate universe that we seem to be living in with more evil and ill will than we could have ever imagined, but hang in there.

You’re doing more good than you probably can imagine! God bless you!

Dr. Deb

Dr. Deb, thank you for your response to the article! Hillary Clinton Scandals List - p1

I hope that your words will ring in the ears of those that need the message. 

The state of our nation is tenuous at best. It seems as though a great percentage of our citizens prefer to act as sheep with blinders on being led to the slaughter.

Never in my life have I seen such division, hate and instability. 

The forces of evil are attacking at every turn. We must be vigilant! We must not accept corruption. 



3 thoughts on “Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List”

  1. Tom– It is a pleasure and a privilege to stand with you and all other patriots who so willingly fight for the truth and the resurgence of the principles, attributes, and attitudes that America was founded on and that made her the greatest country on earth at one time. We can only pray that all our voices will become a thunder that by its very volume destroys the people and false doctrines that are in play now doing everything possible to annihilate America as she was and those of us who will never desert her and the goodness she has fostered.

    Let us stand firm and fearless on the truths of justice, integrity, honor, and always and forever doing the right thing!

    Dr Deb

  2. Excellent post. You’ve taken the time out to reiterate the information that has already been made public, but people choose to ignore. What is it about corruption that we continue to fall victim to it? Americans are now, willfully, electing for known corruption to take hold in office. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, with countless scandals already made available for public acknowlegement, what does everyone think she’s going to do when she gets in there. Her head will be so inflated by the fact that she was elected under these circumstances, Hillary will feel untouchable, and continue to dishonor the role she was given. Thanks for the post, great work.

    1. Hello Tugarcia!

      Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.com and for your comment regarding “Dr Deb Responds to Hillary Clinton Scandals List.”

      It is truly shocking to me that people will completely ignore the facts. There has been plenty of evidence of Hillary’s corruption, lying, etc., but people just turn their heads and pretend that they just didn’t see or hear it.

      Where are we going as a country if we turn our backs on corruption?

      Thanks for your great comment! I look forward to engaging with you again soon!



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