Escaping Our Culturescape

Today I have the honor of sharing with you a perspective from an educated, well travelled, honorable, and intelligent man. Steve has served our country in a variety of well respected capacities and in various corners of the globe. In this article he makes us look at the perspective from which we view the world. Providing help in Escaping Our Culturescape.

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Escaping Our Culturescape

You are correct; you will not find the word Culturescape in most dictionaries other than on the web in one of the “Urban” dictionaries. The definition you will likely find is – “something you see which is man-made, as opposed to a landscape which is an element of nature.”

Escaping Our Culturescape - The Code of the Extraordinary Mind
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In his book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, the author (and CEO and Founder of Mindvalley) Vishen Lakhiani describes Culturescape as a form of culture (to include race, religion, sex, beliefs, language, etc.).

This culture is imposed upon us from a young age by adults (parents, teachers, friends, groups, schools) and others.

No child is “born” speaking a certain language, having certain religious beliefs, with certain moral and ethical values. These and ALL other influences on children come from external sources.

Have you ever noticed that the dominant species on our planet takes years to be self-sufficient, but a baby deer can walk within minutes or hours and can take care of itself long before it reaches elementary school age?

Escaping our Culturescape fawn

For this reason, it does not make any real sense to say I was born Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or I was born Republican, Democrat, Socialist, or Communist.

For thousands of years, our views of humanity, society, governments, religion, laws, customs and politics are all views formed by OTHER people, who were NOT more intelligent than we are. Some of these views have changed, like the earth is flat and the earth is the center of our universe.

But to a large degree we are operating under belief systems that have outlived their shelf life and if thought about for any length of time would likely be determined to be invalid. And yet, we continue to operate under these rules. Why?

Some people would perhaps say, well this is the way it has always been or my parents raised me this way, or it just makes sense. Really? The recently popular phrase “Common Sense is Not Common Practice” should be made into an international bumper sticker and printed in all languages.

Escaping Our Culturescape – Change the model

So, if we believe that a certain model of the world is incorrect what are we to do? I believe that there is only one thing we can and should do. Change the model!

History, customs, habits be damned! WE make our model of the world, OR we allow others to impose their model on us. Do you realize how powerful that makes you?

Escaping Our Culturescape dont ask

You do not need to get up every morning and go to a boring job, work for a (to be nice) less than the pleasant boss, or put up with nasty coworkers.

Yes, in the short term this might be necessary for financial reasons. But do you need to live your entire life working under a system of values, beliefs and situations that make you miserable? The answer is NO!

Escaping Our Culturescape – Brules

You are free to form your model of the world, set up your life system and proceed to be happy and have a vision of the future. My favorite “new word” coined by Vishen Lakhiani is “BRULES”.

He believes and I agree, that we all live under too many BRULES (Bull Shit Rules). When we see these Brules in our lives, we should get rid of them immediately!

I don’t have to agree with a Brule to be politically correct, to be nice, to be cooperative or to be agreeable. And I don’t need to apologize for not following a Brule!

What is the point of this diatribe?

It is intended to help you step out of your comfort zone (yes, I know it is the phrase de jour) in EVERYTHING that you do!

Remember the infamous quote “I’m Mad As Hell, and I Am Not Going To Take it Anymore”? Try it on like a comfortable pair of slippers tomorrow morning and see if it makes your day a little brighter.


Steve Cox

Steve, thanks so much for your thoughts and perspective! We all need to realize that we don’t have to play by the brules. Political Correctness is just a way to hide the truth, and in order to affect positive change you have to be able to look truth squarely in the eye. We will all be better at Escaping Our Culturescape thanks to your perspective!

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6 thoughts on “Escaping Our Culturescape”

  1. Thanks for this take on how gradually but easily we can let complacency, acceptance of illogical concepts, and simple “lazy” thinking invade and pervade multiple areas of our lives and our views. Regretfully, nowadays far too many people just don’t want to “put themselves out” to learn about, research, have logical discussions about, or stand up for their personal beliefs against far leftist or liberal viewpoints that run contrary to what these folks used to say they believed in and that are currently being forcefully shoved down our political, religious, and moral throats. Your article certainly helps us to consider why we’d sure be better off if we did grab back the true power we have as individuals to make a difference in America and society as whole. Again, thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Excellent points by Dr. Deb. For some unknown reason (at least to me) people will “go along” with a discussion regardless of what it is about (religion, politics, government) when they see that others are inclined to agree even when we know they don’t agree with what is being said. The worst part of this “disease” is that it spreads throughout your life, as a parent, a teacher, a speaker, a writer, and most importantly………..a citizen. At some point, you cease to have any beliefs of your own. What a sad and miserable life to live this way. But there is hope. As more people like Dr. Deb speak out, our numbers increase and we start abolishing the “Brules”, one at a time. I have found that a simple “why do you believe that” will often stop an illogical person COLD! And even if it creates a disagreement I will push until the person can answer the question. We don’t have to live this way,and I refuse to become part of the crowd that follows ANYTHING I believe flies in the face of reason. Bravo to Dr. Deb !

      Steve Cox

  2. This reminds me of the old nature vs. nurture argument that’s been around for a while. When it comes to who you are as a person, what makes you yourself, is it your biology or the way you were raised? I personally believe it’s a combination of both, and also, what life experiences you’ve had along the way. Your situations in life and how you react to them, based on the way your brain is wired and how you were brought up as a kid, shapes who you are as a person.

    1. Greetings Hilton!

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment regarding Escaping Our Culturescape.

      I can understand your analogy regarding the nature vs. nurture idea.

      I think that Steve has given a great perspective that some of our most basic beliefs may not be products of our own thoughtful consideration, but are likely the product of others who have influenced us along our life’s journey.

      We need to examine our own thought processes and determine what the basis of our opinions are. Are they our own?

      Thank you again for your comment! I hope you will come back and engage with us again.


  3. Thank you Steve for sharing this post (‘Escaping…). Thanks Tom for hosting it. Below are my first impressions (thoughts).

    The post, Tom’s remarks and Dr Deb’s comments, in my mind lead to the question we need to ask ourselves, and our educators, i.e., “Are we teaching our students on ‘HOW TO THINK?’.

    I’ll re-visit and digest this and some other posts. I believe I’ve found a great resource to help me understand civility, what is civil society, and what outcomes to expect of our educators. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Subra!
      Thank you very much for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com and for your comments regarding Escaping Our Culturescape.

      Your question, “are we teaching our students on How to Think?” Is a really good one! Sadly it looks as though in many places we are NOT teaching our students to have critical thinking abilities. Today we have to have safe spaces for students that are subjected to ideas other than what they are “comfortable” with. It seems that we are trying desperately to raise a bunch of thumb suckers that won’t be able to handle any adversity.

      Thank you for your comment and perspective! I look forward to your engaging comments in the future!


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