Hillsborough County Confederate Monument

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Hillsborough County Confederate Monument

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Hillsborough County Confederate Monument

Today is another bad news day for our American Culture. Liberal revisionists are winning battles on the front lines of the war on American culture.

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Today in Tampa, the county seat of Hillsborough County, Florida, county commissioners voted 4 – 2 to move a memorial erected near the steps of courthouse in 1911 by the United Daughters for the Confederacy. One vote was not cast because commissioner Crist was absent. During the last vote on this issue, Crist voted to keep the memorial.

Hillsborough County Confederate Monument – County Commissioners
Hillsborough County Confederate Monument County Commissioners 2017

Last month, 6/21/2017 this same issue was up for a vote by the commission. It received a 4 – 3 votes to keep the monument where it has stood since 1911. Commissioner Miller indicated that he would not let this issue go however. He brought it up again this month. In the meantime protesters have been making their position known.

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This seems to be the trend across the country as Confederate Memorials, Crosses, and other such monuments are being torn down. A futile effort to appease a minority opinion that they should be removed.

I submit to you that these decisions should be voted on by the people at large. It is the people’s money that has been spent on these memorials, and, the people’s money that will be spent to remove them.

Government bodies, and the politicians that hold the seats in these bodies, are required to do the people’s bidding. Not pander to their own political interests, and, whatever fad, or trend, that is most likely to win them votes.

Sadly there is a major attempt to rewrite our history. Whether you agree with the sentiments expressed by these monuments or not, they are the page markers of our history as a nation.

Removing them only allows those pages to be removed from the book. What better way to show how far we have come, than to be able to see where we have been.

Racism should not be celebrated, obviously. It is a reprehensible concept and practice. But to not remember our history is a path to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Modern Racism

I suggest to you now that many of the people involved in protesting things like these monuments are only engaging in a more modern form of the same disease. Racism.

If we as a nation are to get beyond the sins of our forefathers we must have a clear, undiluted, look at our history. No one alive today took part in the civil war.

There are more important and timely issues that our governments should be concerned with. We should reject these attempts to keep the divisions of the past alive. No good can come of it.

As a point of reference, there were black soldiers in the confederacy, and black slave owners at the time of the Civil War. While slave ownership was one reason for the Civil War, it wasn’t the only issue.

My second point here is that these monuments were not erected to glorify slavery. They were erected to remember those that fought and died in what is arguably the most brutal conflict that has occurred within the boundaries of the United States.

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Their service, to their respective governments, was honorable and should not be tainted by the ignorance of those that owe their life and freedoms to these brave men.

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Hillsborough County Confederate Monument – GoFundMe

Tom Skarritt spoke at the meeting today, and has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the relocation of the monument to the Brandon Family Cemetery.

I encourage you, if you are able, to help protect our history by contributing to this fund. Monies will be used for the relocation, post relocation inspection, and ongoing maintenance of this memorial.


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