Liberals MisLabeled They are Fascists!

We have a huge problem with our language these days. The politically correct crowd have turned our language completely upside down. We need to get back to reality! Call a spade a spade. That is not some reference to black people, as some would want you to think. It’s a reference to one of the four suits of cards in the deck. You know, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and, of course Spades. Today’s liberals mislabeled they are fascists!

Check out this video from Elbert Guillory he makes this point loud and clear!

Liberals MisLabeled They are Fascists!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of seeing all this hate, discontent, protesting (rioting really, protests don’t involve the destruction of property or injury of persons). Really, I am tired of it.

It serves no constructive purpose. There is purpose to it, but, it is not constructive. The people (sheeple in my opinion) are being seriously worked into a lather by far left, wealthy, instigators and hate mongers that are intent only to tear down all that America is for the purpose of replacing our systems with socialism.

Elbert Guillory, a US Navy Combat Veteran and former member of the Louisiana State Senate, has really hit the nail on the head in the video above.

Here is a transcript of the video.

University of California, Berkeley. In 1964 that campus was the birthplace of the free speech movement.

1964 Protest at Berkeley Liberals MisLabeled They are Fascists
1964 Protest at Berkeley

Those days are gone. On the first of February the students of Berkeley broke out into a full-fledged riot. To stop the speech of Milo Yiannopoulos, who was an invited guest to the campus.

These delinquents broke windows, set fires, physically assaulted other students who were in line, waiting to hear the speech of Milo Yiannopoulos. A 33 year old, openly gay, Jewish journalist. An immigrant.

Berkeley Riot Feb 2017 Liberals MisLabeled They are Fascists
Berkeley Riot Feb 2017

A couple of days later the same thing happened at NYU to comedian Gavin McInnes. Also an immigrant. Gavin was pepper sprayed. A professor actually demanded that the police act with violence to beat up Mr. McInnes.


These protestors have convinced themselves that they are anti-fascists. In fact the word fascism is being thrown around quite a bit these days. But who is really acting like fascists? Who is silencing political speech? Physically attacking those with divergent views? Demanding that every american share one single ideology.

Was it not Sarah Silverman who suggested the White House be overthrown by a military coup? Remind me, who are the fascists?

But sadly, the real truth is that these violent agitators have little idea about why they march. Theirs is a movement with no cause. A temper tantrum with no purpose. They are a generation lost in space. Children being led around like cattle by a corrupted media infrastructure, the propaganda arm of the party of disappointment.

If I were wrong, would Hillary Clinton really be their standard bearer? These rioters are being manipulated by big government forces who need them to regain political power.

You youngsters are enchanted with socialism. But those ideas are nothing new. History has tested them time and time again. All with the same result. Lenin, Mao, Che Guevara, history’s greatest failures. And each of these dictatorships began with young, naive people, marching in the streets.

There is however, a revolution happening right now in Europe and America. Citizens are tired of their freedoms being trodden upon by a big, central government. Or the European Union, or, the United Nations.

People are tired of open borders. Tired of being entangled with other nations with trade deals and alliances that are unequal. They are tired of their own wealth being seized by governments who use it to buy votes or influence.

People are crying out for personal freedom. For the individual to be sovereign. For liberty. For men and women to chose their own destiny. And if you had stayed to listen to Milo or Gavin, you may have heard this powerful message. You may have even agreed with some of it.

But you, were too busy, acting like fascists.

I would like to thank Mr. Guillory for telling it like it is! Thank you sir!

Now if we can only get these “young, naive people” to understand what they are doing and how harmful it really is.

If you know anyone that needs to see this message, please share!

– Tom


2 thoughts on “Liberals MisLabeled They are Fascists!”

  1. Tom —

    This is a well-written article that clearly identifies one of the most dangerous and pressing problems America has ever faced — ignorant people. Ignorant people whose lack of knowledge does not emanate from rural, school-less areas of America or the world, but instead is grounded, founded, embellished, venerated and celebrated by liberal leaders, teachers, and a myriad of other folks in positions of influence who thrust upon the naive and weak not Socratic teachings of debate and critical thinking, but selfish, self-centered, narcissistic views that claim only those with their beliefs can be right and those who do not believe as they do are less than human, worthy to be destroyed by any manner or method these self-righteous fools see as fit. They have no room for differences of opinions or open discourse. We must stand against these tyrants and always, always speak the truth, for by doing so, eventually these hypocrites will strangle themselves with their own words and actions. For who of sound mind, morals, ethics or honor wants to uplift or profess allegiance to people or groups that advocate evil at every level? Let us stay strong and fight the good fight! Thank you, Tom, for helping us to see where our focus should be!!!

    1. Hello Dr Deb!

      It is always good to hear from you!

      I have to admit that I feel the same way. Something that really gets me going these days is the “choice” many people make to be ignorant. Instead of educating themselves, their narcissism drives them to feel so self important that they can completely ignore the facts of the matter.

      What ever that matter might happen to be. If it doesn’t fall in line with their own personal perception they will castigate the message. Or, put in another way, if you don’t like the message, kill the messenger.

      What has happened to critical thinking? What has happened to the open discussion of controversial topics? It seems that many people are so hypersensitive they completely fall apart when there personal perspective is called into question.

      Thank you for expressing what I am sure is the sentiments of many of us! As always, I look forward to your next message!


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