Obama Divider in Chief

I am so sickened by our president. Obama divider in chief.

Obama Divider In Chief 1

It seems everyday there is a new comment, speech, or action by our president that leaves me shaking my head and feeling embarrassed.

He should be embarrassed that he could not control himself during a memorial service for the brave and honorable officers that gave their lives to protect the freedoms of a group of protesters.

Protesters, that at other events, had called for the death of cops.

He should be embarrassed that he would use their memorial service to continue to paint an ugly picture of our past, instead of just honoring those officers for their service.

He should be embarrassed, but, instead he leaves us embarrassed once again.

Obama Divider in Chief

Yesterday, during a memorial service for the 5 officers that lost their lives, President Obama took the opportunity to once again be the divider in chief.

Bill O’Reilly is absolutely correct that in order to move forward we have to stop drudging up the past injustices. We have to accept the past for what it is, the past, and move on.

Our president seems to be unable to do this, only throwing fuel on the fire of hate, time and time again. He just could not control himself.

He had to interject his personal racial grievance attitude into an event that had nothing to do with that. You should be ashamed Mr. President. But, since you certainly won’t be, we will have to be ashamed for, and, of you.

By contrast, let’s take a look at how former President GW Bush memorialized these brave men.

Is that not a much more fitting tribute? Much more fitting than the divisive rhetoric of grievance that President Obama spewed on the crowd and the nation.

We all know that there is much work to be done regarding race relations and justice. But, Mr. President, please don’t dishonor the sacrifices of these brave men, or others with your divisive rhetoric.

You Mr. President, have squandered the best chance that any president has ever had to bring unity to this nation. Instead, at every turn, you continue to drive wedges between the people.

You should be ashamed Mr. President.

Since you won’t be. It leaves the rest of us to be ashamed for, and, of you.






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  1. AMEN !! AMEN !! Oh my gosh we agree so whole heartedly !! I am ASHAMED and DISGUSTED with Barrack Obama ~~What horrible and poor taste to speak of the group and men that he did ~~ what an insult to the police officers and their families ~~ I wish he could leave the office sooner than the end of the year !! He, like other movie stars, some politicians and famous people (O. Winfrey) have continued to drag up movie re-enactments, news articles and stories and all kinds of PAST HORRIBLE mistakes by the generations before us !!! Constantly re-hashing these mistakes is like “SCRATCHING the SCAB” off of a wound that is trying to heal !!! They are trying to make themselves famous and receive “public recognitions” and doing MORE HARM than good !! The up coming generation of girls and boys need to be shown how to respect and care about human beings of all colors ~~ not show them mistakes that create anger and rebellion in their hearts and minds ~~ especially those that don’t have families in-tact to love and show good examples for them. I listened to an African American woman talking on TV this morning and she was so wonderful ~~ she is in agreement and also feeling angry and ashamed of our “leader ????” ~~ please hurry and leave Obama and take your grievances & rhetoric with you ~~~ you have done so MUCH DAMAGE to our country ~~~ You couldn’t hold a small candle to Martin Luther King and other sincere & awesome African Americans & whites and all colors who REALLY wanted to make a difference !!! George Bush’s comments were so much on target and more of a “class act” ~ Obama should pay attention and learn from Bush !!!

    1. Greetings J.Mills!

      Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com, and for your comments regarding “Obama Divider in Chief.”

      We will, unfortunately, continue to be ashamed and disgusted by this president. He just doesn’t get it. He is making good on his promise to “fundamentally transform America,” He is using everything in his power to push an agenda of hate, discontent, and globalism on our nation. We have lost the power to hold this administration accountable for their actions.

      I wonder if the founding fathers would believe that our current government is tyrannical. I think they would.

      What do you think?


  2. Hi Tom
    Once again thank you for another informative article. I am ashamed for and of the President. If he could have just mentioned a fraction of the sense that President Bush spoke of that would had been a shocking change to his agenda. However we will never see or hear that from this President. He will continue to divide this Nation until his last day in office.

    1. Hello Again Lex!

      Thank you again for visiting and commenting! It is truly a shame that he cannot understand that he is the president of all the people of our nation! He has missed a wonderful opportunity to be a uniter. I think our nation is suffering far more now as a result of his presidency than we were before.

      Thanks again for your visit!

  3. I couldn’t agree more Tom. I couldn’t stomach this evil man from the begin 8 years ago. I can’t even listen to him speak without my blood pressure rising. He is a disgrace. My heart goes out to theses families

    1. Hi Suzette!
      Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com and for your comment regarding “Obama Divider in Chief.”

      I agree with your sentiments entirely! My heart also goes out to the families of the fallen police officers in Dallas for their loss, and for the lack of decorum that our president exhibited during the memorial service for them. His political tirade had no place at that event, and it was disrespectful for him to use that service to forward his agenda.

      Thank you again for your comment! I look forward to chatting with you again in the future!


  4. Tom —

    Your article was spot on. There is literally no comparison between President George Bush and B. Obama. In fact, I would consider it an insult to compare anything about BO or what he says to ANY individual who is a patriotic American. I don’t believe that Obama is actually unable to “stop drudging up the past injustices,” but rather he intentionally brings up events and incidents that incite, inflame, provoke, and instigate persons and groups who want to take advantage of anyone and any organization they can get something from (e.g., money, housing, material possessions, etc.) and not have to lift a finger to help themselves.

    George Bush was far from perfect just as no human being that has or ever will live is/was not perfect. But, President Bush loves America and Americans. And he believed in and worked to honor the principles this country was founded on. And I thank God he was that kind of leader.

    Obama — when I think of him now and as it will be forever, I have to fight physically throwing up. He is a disgrace to ALL people, particularly black people. I say this because he could have used his time in the White House to better the living and working circumstances for black individuals and families and provide opportunities for them to shine in their competence, work ethic, willingness to learn, eagerness to better their circumstances, family devotion, and appreciation that more than 50% of the voting white population put a black President in the White House. But Obama did the complete opposite. Instead of being a shining example that there’s nothing whatsoever to stop a black person from being anything they want to be, right from the beginning he set up an environment of entitlement with no expectations to be responsible for individual choices and self-care. He treated most blacks as children who he eagerly taught to throw tantrums and refuse to look at the consequences of their actions or their responsibilities as members of American society. He set race relations back no less than 75 to 100 years. Not only is he a disgrace to black Americans and all Americans, he is a disgrace to humanity, holding the hands of ISIS members and their countries as they slaughter innocents throughout the world and work to destroy our country, Christianity and any religion outside of Islam, and all that makes the United States of America great. I pray he begs for forgiveness for all the hell he has caused and that he comes to know Christ as his Savior. If not, the fires of hell will be blistering beyond measure and the agony of his disbelief, sin, and suffering without description which he will rightfully deserve. Dr Deb

    1. Hi Dr Deb!
      Nice to see you here! Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.com and for your comment regarding “Obama Divider in Chief.”

      Dr, you have certainly said a mouthful here. I believe that you have expressed the feelings of many american patriots with your strong, forthright comments about President Obama. There are many who believe that what he has done as president was a methodical, intentional attack in an attempt to destroy the United States. To tear it down in every conceivable way. To divide the nation and her people.

      So much of what we have seen is written in the plan on how to destroy this nation from within. It is just so hard for me to accept that the people of our great nation are so ignorant that they cannot see how these things are really playing out.

      See this Image!

      How many of the items in the image above are we seeing come to pass today?

      Far too many for my comfort surely.

      Thank you again for your visit, and your excellent comment!

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