Ultimate Patriot’s Lighted US Flag Set

Ultimate Patriot’s Lighted US Flag Set!

Ultimate Patriot's Lighted US Flag Set 1

The Civil Voice is very proud to be offering this beautiful, MADE IN USA, US Flag Set! We are sure you will be very pleased with this product!

You can purchase this product with confidence knowing that it will come from one of the leading retailers of MADE IN USA flags.

It is a beautiful, complete, lighted, United States flag set that anyone would be proud to own and display! Great as a gift, or on your own home!

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Stomping the Flag

Disturbing video of protesters stomping the flag is headline news today! In case you haven’t seen it, watch the video here!

Just because something is legal to do, does that make it right to do?

Is that a concept that you believe in? Just because you can do a thing, does that mean you should do a thing?

I don’t think I can sign up for that one. Here is a prime example, at least for me, of one of those things I just can’t get behind the idea of doing.

Disturbing video of protesters stomping the flag

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Civility, What is it? Do You Practice it?

What is civility? Dictionary.com defines it as:


Noun, plural civilities

  1. courtesy; politeness.
  2. a polite action or expression:
    an exchange of civilities
  3. archaic. civilization; culture; good breeding.

We all want to be treated with civility, but, are we practicing what we preach?

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Entitlement Generation, Helicopter Parenting

Entitlement Generation as defined by Dictionary.com:

Noun – The group born between 1979 and 1994 who believe they are owed certain rights and benefits without further justification.
Example – The entitlement generation expects higher salaries, flexible work hours, and ample time off.

Helicopter Parenting as defined by Dictionary.com:

Noun, Informal – A style of child rearing in which an overprotective mother or father discourages a child’s independence by being too involved in the child’s life
Example – In typical helicopter parenting, a mother or father swoops in at any sign of challenge or discomfort.

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US National Debt, Bankruptcy Ahead?

We are truly living in a distinctive time for all humanity. A time of seemingly unlimited advances in technology, healthcare, communications. But also a time of seemingly unlimited US National Debt. Are we headed for Bankruptcy?

Let’s take a look at what the debt really looks like.

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