Road Rage Motorcycle Video

Incivility can get you killed. Have you seen the latest road rage motorcycle video?

Road Rage Motorcycle Video

It’s too bad these guys can’t get along and share the road. But this demonstration of their incivility could easily get one, or, both of them, and, some innocent motorists, pedestrians, or bystanders killed.

I don’t want to point fingers really, but, in my opinion, the motorcyclist should not have split the lanes of traffic to move ahead of the cars at the light.road rage motorcycle video

A quick check shows that motorcycles splitting lanes is LEGAL in California. You can read the California Highway Patrol lane splitting guidelines here.

The video above comes from south Florida, and, lane splitting is ILLEGAL in Florida and is specifically mentioned in the code here.

But, it is certainly not courteous. And in my opinion it is quite dangerous. While the motorcyclist in this case is certainly the first one we see break the law.

Both of these guys are in the wrong for continuing this episode at the risk of each other’s, and, the public’s safety.

I am a motorcycle rider and the last thing I really want to see is another road rage motorcycle video that ends in a crash. Almost always the bike rider gets hurt or killed.

I know it is tempting to lash out when someone doesn’t follow the rules of the road, or is just plain rude while you are on your commute. We are all so stressed from our everyday lives that it can be very hard to control our reactions when we feel we have been disrespected.

But while driving, the best course of action is to just let the offense go. Let it roll off your back! You may feel disrespected, but you haven’t been injured, or caused an injury, and that could easily happen when you let your emotions operate your vehicle whether you have two wheels or four.

Think of these things as opportunities! It’s an opportunity for you to show how to do the right thing even when those around you don’t.

It’s just not worth the life you might inadvertently destroy, just because you are mad at some jerk that doesn’t know how to drive with civility.

Final Note

Final Note – Here is an example of lane splitting gone wrong.

My recommendation, just don’t do it.

That’s my thought of the day!



Do you ride a motorcycle? Do you lane split? Do you think Florida should make lane splitting legal?

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