Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA

You don’t have to settle for low quality when it comes to furnishings for your home! You can have real Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA!

Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA - Amish Furniture Made In USA

Fine handcrafted furniture and accessories for every room in your home! Don’t buy another piece of presswood furniture!

TheCivilVoice.Com is very happy to be able to offer you this MADE IN USA, handcrafted, quality product! You will NOT be disappointed in any product you purchase here!

Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA – Online Amish Furniture

Through our affiliate partnership with Online Amish Furniture, we are able to bring to you some of the finest furniture available!

This really is some of the most beautiful hand crafted furniture you can buy, anywhere. And, most of these products can be customized to your taste!

Online Amish Furniture was Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA - logostarted when one of the founders was looking for quality furnishings for his home. The big box stores where all selling cheap, low quality products that used wood substitutes, and this just would not do.

Eventually he found some folks in Indiana that were using old world techniques and craftsmanship to create real solid wood furniture.

He purchased a dining set that received rave reviews from guests in his home, and the seed of what would become Online Amish Furniture was planted.

A business was started and has grown to 180 producers in Indiana and Ohio. You can shop all of them at Online Amish Furniture!

Customers from every state in the United States, every province in Canada, and many countries from around the world are now satisfied customers of Online Amish Furniture!

Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA – Made To Order Quality

Every item at Online Amish Furniture is built to order! Handcrafted quality is standard on every item. You simply cannot buy this kind of quality at your local big box store!

Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA - ashton_bed_4

This beautiful Ashton Storage Bed is a quality piece of furniture that you will have for a lifetime!

Here are some of the options that are available on this bed.

Choose the size you want! It is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes!

Choose the wood! This bed is available in your choice of a variety of north american hardwoods! You can choose from Red Oak, Rustic Hickory, Hard Maple, Brown Maple, Grey Elm, Cherry, Walnut and others!

Choose the stain and finish!  There are lots of options regarding the stain color and finish for this bed and most other items! If you would like to see all the options for this bed click here!

Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA – Variety!

Online Amish Furniture offers the best variety of REAL Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA! There really is something for every room in your house!

For the Bedroom:  Beds, Bunk Beds, Armoires, Chest of Drawers, Dressers, Dresser Mirrors, Futon Beds, Lingerie Chests, Night Stands, Bedroom Sets!




solid wood furniture made in USA - chambrai_set_composite_flat_27
Click Image for Bedroom Sets!

For the Dining Room: Bar Stools, Breakfast Nooks, Kitchen Islands, Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Hutches, Buffets and Sideboards, Storage Cabinets.

Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA - traditional_breakfast_nook__6
Breakfast Nook Click for Details!
Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA - tw9060_4
New Georgetown Wine Cabinet Click for Details!


Online Amish Furniture is not just about the big items. You can have real solid wood occasional items and accessories too!

Solid Wood Furniture Made in USA - 000465_7
Click Image for Details!

Here is a beautiful plant stand that would look great in many places in and around your home!

Its 48″ tall. Made only from sustainable north american hardwood! With lots of room for your flowers or maybe an herb garden!


Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA - 000410_7
click image for details!

How about this great Mission style mirror with a shelf and 3 coat hooks!


This one is made of Cherry! It would look great in your home, or make a great gift!

These are just a couple of selections of the huge variety of products that are available to you at Online Amish Furniture!

Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA – Lasting Quality

Heirloom quality solid wood furniture that will look great in your home and offer you the long lasting performance that is hard to find in today’s world.

You may have a few pieces of furniture now that have been passed down for generations. You can buy that same quality of hand crafted, custom furniture that will last your family for many, many years to come!

Check out the great selection! Have the pieces built with sustainable hardwood of your choice. Then have it stained and finished to your individual specifications!

Where else can you find furniture of this quality and detail?solid wood furniture made in usa - Profile 1

You will be very pleased with people and the products at Online Amish Furniture! I have only scratched the surface of the variety of products available. Click the banner below to see the full line of products! Please leave your comments below.


Solid Wood Furniture Made In USA - 728x90copy
Click this banner to see the full selection of fine quality hand crafted furniture!

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    1. Hi Lexy!
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