Stomping the Flag

Disturbing video of protesters stomping the flag is headline news today! In case you haven’t seen it, watch the video here!

Just because something is legal to do, does that make it right to do?

Is that a concept that you believe in? Just because you can do a thing, does that mean you should do a thing?

I don’t think I can sign up for that one. Here is a prime example, at least for me, of one of those things I just can’t get behind the idea of doing.

Disturbing video of protesters stomping the flag

What is your reaction?

It seems today that we see a never ending stream of disturbing video. This is an example of one that I have an immediate reaction to.

Thats right, I’m offended.

I’m really getting tired of all the whiney babies out there being offended! And NOW, ……    I guess I’m gonna have to join them. Sigh..

I have an immediate and visceral reaction when I see someone stomping the flag. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, and really, I’m not.

I can’t help it. It just makes my blood boil. Adding insult to injury, this particular group of flag stompers call themselves the “F*** your flag tour.”

OK, I get the point. You don’t like Trump. Is this all you could come up with to express your point? Thought of the day Stomping the Flag
There are an infinite number of ways you could have said you don’t like Trump.

But do you have to trample the very symbol of our nation. The nation that defends your creator given right to protest?

Without Civility, There is no Credibility

Protesters take note, a huge number of your potential audience for your cause is going to be immediately offended by your stomping the flag.

People that care about our country and the direction it is going, are the exact people you want to try to impress with your cause.

I know you think that your cause will get more attention. But the message you are sending is being immediately disregarded, by your disrespectful and uncivil behavior.

You are only doing yourselves and your cause an unbelievable disservice with your uncivil actions.

You guys really need some coaching on how to make friends and influence people. If you really want to make a difference, and you have a just cause, all you have to do is show it!

Show people why your idea is better. If it is better, it won’t take long for people to figure it out and start singing your praises! If it’s not better, you will probably figure it out because people won’t respond positively to your message.

The point is that when you disrespect the flag, you only disrespect yourself. So don’t be surprised when the rest of the world Dis’s you too.

Just my thought of the day.






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