Is Islam To Blame

I am honored to have the privilege to share with you the following article. It is written by DrDeb who I hope will become a regular contributor here at DrDeb is a much respected friend and an inspiration to any that have the opportunity to know her. I’m sure you all will enjoy her thoughtful perspective in this article as we explore “Is Islam To Blame”. 

Last night Omar Mir Seddique Mateen shouted “Allah Akbar” and over 100 people were either shot or wounded at his hand in Pulse, the Orlando gay night club.

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Omar Mateen Registered Democrat, Islamic Terrorist

The Islamic State has taken credit for the tragedy in Orlando Florida! The worst terrorist attack of its kind on record. 5o people dead at the scene. 53 people in critical condition at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. It appears that Islamic terrorism strikes at the heart of the sunshine state thanks to 29 year old Omar Mateen.

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