The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant

Brigitte Gabriel is known for telling it like it is! I applaud her for her forthright intellectual opinion of an issue that is on the minds of everyone. Watch her lay out the facts when asked a question by a muslim young woman. Brigitte coins the phrase the peaceful majority are irrelevant.


The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant

The young woman asks a great question, after expressing that she doesn’t feel represented in the group where she is, she asks “how can we fight an ideological war with weapons,” “how can you ever win this thing if you don’t address it ideologically?”

I have to say that I believe we, (americans, non-muslim) are caught up in a war of ideology that has been thrust upon us.

Perhaps this is why Brigitte Gabriel reacts the way she does. She brings the young woman to task for injecting the muslim agenda in a meeting that had nothing to do with that.

And it is an interesting perspective, Why would this young woman bring this question up at a meeting that has a completely different agenda.  The answer, must be that the young woman is injecting her agenda.

The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant – But, Since you brought it up….

Brigitte then gives the young woman, and the rest of us, the numbers! 1.2 billion muslims on the planet, 15 – 25% are radical. That’s 180 million to 300 million radical muslim jihadists “dedicated the destruction of western civilization.”

And why should we be concerned? “Because it is the radicals that kill!” Brigitte says.

Murderous rampages by a minority of radicals can be blamed for many, many of our world’s atrocities. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

Radicals easily run over the peaceful majority.

The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant - American Flags1

The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant – Where cries from the peaceful moderate muslims!

Where are the cries for peace from the peaceful majority of muslims? Even they are under attack! Yet we just don’t hear much from them?

Could it be that they really agree more with the views of the radical than the views of the peaceful?

Ponder this video.

This video really says, its not a good idea to be expressing this kind of rhetoric at the international departures entrance to LAX.  The problem is that this may very well be the pervasive opinion.



2 thoughts on “The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant”

  1. I love WA as well but I really like the stand you have taken here to show us the truth. Yes, there are a lot of “Peaceful” Muslims in our world who live right beside us in our neighborhoods but anyone who know anything about the Islam scriptures and the violence that was and has been part of Islam, from it’s beginning, knows that their scriptures encourage the killing of infidels, those who don’t believe and refuse to convert to Islam. That was Mohammed’s calling card almost from day one. This was very different from the Christians of that time and throughout all of the last 2000 years.

    People refer to the Crusades as a dark time in Christianity but what they fail to see is that those crusades were initiated in an effort to repel the advancement of Islam. Yes, there were a few bad apples but I don’t recall reading anything that said people were forced to accept Chritianity or forfeit their lives. If I am wrong about that then I stand corrected. (Thinking about that, I recall that the Catholic Church may have been pretty violent in Medieval days. They were doing some “radical” stuff back then as well).

    I totally agree with Brigitte. What she said is right on the money. I’m really glad that she brought up the other cultures and “radical” tyrants in history. Muslims/Islam thinks they are being picked on and they want people to believe that they are not what the rest of the world portrays them as being, but thier history tells the true story. Most people ARE peaceful but it only takes a few “radicals” to get something started.

    I hesitate to use the word “radical” because, in my own opinion, I think the ones we call “radical Muslims” are actually the true followers of Mohammed.

    Oh, they also have a very different idea of who God is and they deny the deity of Christ as well as His death and resurrection. Mohammed was very confused and he liked to change his mind a lot as well.

    These are my thoughts on this issue. What do you think?

    1. Hi Wayne!
      Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com, and for your comment regarding “The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant”.

      I really appreciate your comment Wayne! There have been atrocities throughout the worlds history based on religious beliefs. It is my understanding that most religions are truly peaceful, but it is true that the faithful muslim is commanded to do whatever is necessary to spread Islam and the faith in Muhammad across the globe. I really believe that ignorance is the problem in general. It is ignorant to believe that a benevolent god would command his followers to commit murder, subterfuge, rape, stonings, beatings, beheadings, etc., etc..

      What I don’t understand is why the muslim population cannot see that the message must be flawed, and that the very things their faith is commanding them to do is evil. It is the very description of evil to commit such sins.

      As an example, the Christian Bible professes with the Ten Commandments that even the slightest of these things are sin. And that all sin is evil! How can such a huge population of people believe in a faith that has its roots in such evil practices?

      I would really like to believe that as a species, we have learned to easily distinguish between right and wrong. That we have developed sufficient intellect to be able to discern a wolf in sheep’s clothing. But it seems that the powers that be in our nation are determined to be the frog in the proverbial story of the scorpion and the frog.

      Our PC culture believes that we must help the scorpion cross the water, so we have invited him on our back. How long then before we feel the deadly sting of the scorpion? After all it is just his nature to kill us.

      Thank you again for your comment! I look forward to your engaging posts!


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