White Male Privilege

Ok, so as you can plainly see in my photo, I am a white male. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, my whole life has been improved above and beyond average due to white privilege and particularly my White Male Privilege.

White male privilege 11

White Male Privilege

Some of you will immediately condemn me, and anything I say in this article, simply because I am a white man. You will say that I have no right to feel, whatever it is that I might express here, because I have been completely blinded by my so called “white male privilege”.

How convenient for you! You have instantly removed my ability to have a position contrary to yours by stating that my opinion is invalid simply because it is that of a white man.

This does seem to be the trend in today’s world. If you don’t like the message, assassinate the messenger. Or, at least do all you can to assassinate the messenger’s character.

Should individual’s opinion can be completely ignored simply because of their genetic origin? If so, it is important to point out that this position is inherently racist.

Why is it that people that spout the most anti-racist positions are incapable of seeing that their own point of view is in fact racist?

10 Ways You Can Actively Reject Your White Privilege

Some of my recent reading on the topic of white male privilege includes this image you may have seen on social media in the past few weeks.

White Male Privilege 1

I provide the image here in its complete form with the source reference for your entertainment.

We could go over each of these items on this list and have a great time, but, I would like to talk about the last one first.

Number 10 “Recognize that you’re still a racist. No matter what.”

You see this image and its content was supposedly created by POC (People Of Color) to help their white allies, as is evident by the photo of the white people at the top. To help them understand what their position should be.

After offering all these great tips on what your opinions and actions should be…. it’s all wrapped up on number 10, regardless what you do or say, YOU ARE A RACIST.

Is this a great way to encourage a sympathetic ally?

So, if you are white, you ARE a racist. Regardless of your personal perspective and any thought you might have on the subject. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be a champion of equal rights. Or, that you can empathize with POC and the struggles they have faced. No, if you are white, you ARE a racist.

The author of this image / post has at this point, clearly made themselves a racist. It is a racist remark to consider someone racist just because of their skin color.

I have to say, as much as I dislike to use the term, I am offended. I am offended by this callous judgement based solely on my skin color. This is the definition of racism.

Wikipedia – “Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.”

Since I am offended, do I now have the right to rape, pillage, plunder, protest, riot, burn the neighborhood? It seems that we have come to accept this kind of behavior when someone is offended.

Or, perhaps I am supposed to find a safe space to cry my heart out? Anyone got a blanket I can borrow? I’m gonna run down to my local university…   Oh… but wait…

There probably isn’t an “offended white guy” safe space. In fact, I’m probably not allowed to be offended at anything.  That’s right..  I’m a white guy.

Well, I am offended. I am offended that this perspective is given credence by anyone. Regardless of their skin tone. It is pure ignorance to me.

How dare the author of the “10 ways” above accuse me of being racist. I will have to again point out that the very perspective is racist. So, what we really have here is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black! No pun intended.

Someone who is obviously racist, is telling me that I am a racist. Again, how convenient.

For the record, I am not now, and have never been offended by anyone’s skin color. I believe in the sentiment expressed in the famous quote “they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I will quote Martin Luther King Jr. here, and that will be an obvious violation of rule #6 above. “Stop lifting up non-confrontational people of color as examples of what POC activism should be.”

White Male Privilege

Martin Luther King Jr. did in fact make a difference. His words ring strong and true. Never more clear than today, but, the audience can no longer hear the message.

It is no longer popular to rely solely on your intellect and righteous position to be able to win hearts and minds.

Today those that would claim to be “anti-racism” are more divisive than ever.

We are bombarded with high pressure tactics that are designed to cause fear, hate, and division by the very people that say they are against these strategies.

Today people are screaming that those on the right are fascists, when it is those on the left that are using fascist techniques to manipulate the population.

Those that claim to be inclusive and of “liberal” mindset, seem to be even more judgemental and less accepting than those that consider themselves to be conservative.

My  – White Male Privilege

When people start pointing the proverbial white privilege finger I think about the image above. This guy is just dripping with white privilege. Just look at it.

What part of this is white privilege, or white male privilege? Please point it out to me.

What I see here is a man that has obviously had some difficulties in life. Perhaps he has made some choices that have led him to the position he is in currently, but, perhaps he is here through no fault of his own.

We can’t tell from the image. We can only see that he is a man, a white man, sleeping on a park bench. You could see this same thing in just about any town. Probably not too far from where you live.

According to the author of the image post above he is obviously a racist. Of course, he is white. Maybe it was his racist ideals that put him in this situation?

How ridiculous and pathetic. The finger pointers are trying desperately  to justify their own poor behavior by making anyone else they can the scapegoat.

They refuse to take ownership of their own situation and actions. They demand to be given “extra credit” when they have not even done the most basic requirements. This is what is happening in our “everybody gets a trophy” world.

We have created this situation by lowering the standards of nearly everything. We don’t apply the laws of the land equally. I’m not guilty because he, she, or they, did this or that or made me feel ____.

We have even changed our religions to permit those that live in sin to believe they are righteous.

In the end we will likely find that we have only been fooling ourselves. That there is a right and a wrong, regardless of how we feel about it. That we have done our children a huge disservice by not demanding that they work to be the best person they can be.

When you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. And, we are falling fast.

I Love My White Male Privilege

Many of you are familiar with Paul Joseph Watson, what is your take on this video?

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– Tom

One thought on “White Male Privilege”

  1. I am against every word, creed and types of commercial forms that promote and incite to violence to people, by the fact of being black or white, creoles, mulattos, yellow, copper or Latin. Do not forget that USA. Is a country of immigrants and it was forged, now, I only ask you not to stain the people who gave their lives, so that this country remains the harmonious example of a society full, just, free, amoraous and happy. The constitution does not say: that because of being white or of any other race, creed or social position, you are inferior as an individual, no one at all, by constitucinal decree, has the right to break it. Nationalism, freedom of expression and the constitutional right of all persons should be strengthened without regard to race, creed, and socio-economic and social position. It seems that the law is only for a few, this is inconceivable and repugnant, the law must be equal and equal for all who live in this country.

       Thank you, I hope it will be today, tomorrow and always.
       See you soon.

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