Who is Mike Pence

Today we have the announcement from the campaign of Donald Trump for President that Mr. Trump as selected his running mate! In this article we will find out “Who is Mike Pence.”

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Mike Pence – Trump’s pick for VP


Who is Mike Pence

The announcement of Mike Pence as Donald Trumps running mate is now official! It appears that he will be politically to the right of Donald Trump.

This is probably in an effort to try to woo the conservative side of the republican party, but, might create some challenge in bringing more liberal voters into the fold.

Here’s a link to the official web site! You can make a donation there if you are so inclined.

Governor Mike Pence’s reaction to the news that he has been picked.

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Who Is Mike Pence – BioWho Is Mike Pence - 2

Born June 7, 1959 in Columbus, Indiana. He was one of six children. His father, Edward J. Pence Jr. owned a chain of gas stations. He grew up in an Irish Catholic Democrat household. His maternal grandparents were immigrants that came to the United States through Ellis Island.

Mike graduated from Columbus North High School in 1977. He earned a B.A. in history from Hanover College in 1981, and a J.D. from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of law in 1986.

He was a member of the PHi Gamma Delta fraternity while in Hanover, and served as the chapter president.

After graduating law school, he worked as a private practice attorney.

Mike and Karen Pence have been married for more than 30 years now and they have 3 children: Michael, Audrey, and Charlotte.

Indiana Governor Fun Facts Website

Who is Mike Pence – Public Service

Mike Pence has a long history of public service. He ran for Congress unsuccessfully in 1988 and 1990 losing to long time democrat incumbent Phil Sharp.

Mike Pence was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District when six year incumbent David M. Mcintosh ran for governor of Indiana in November of 2000.

Pence was re-elected four more times. In 2006 he announced his bid for leadership of the Republican Party in the U.S. House of representatives, ultimately losing to John Boehner.

In January 2009 he was elected to the position of Republican Conference Chairman by his GOP colleagues.

In May 2011 Pence announced that he would seek the Republican nomination for Governor of Indiana in 2012.

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Governor Mike Pence was inaugurated on January 14, 2013. Yesterday, July 14, 2016 he announced that he would suspend his re-election campaign for Governor.

Since becoming Governor, He has enacted the largest state tax cut in Indiana history, and has also eliminated the business personal tax for small Indiana businesses.

Governor Pence has also lowered the corporate income tax to ensure that Indiana remains competitive in attracting new business investment in the state.

The unemployment rate in Indiana has fallen from 8.4% to below 5% while Pence has been the Governor.

Who is Mike Pence – The opposition

The democratic opposition quickly unleashed a flurry of statements against Governor Pence.

The Hillary Clinton campaign sent out an email calling him “The most extreme VP pick in a generation.”

The talking points you will be sure to hear will be against the governor’s position on LGBT and abortion, as well as his economic policies.

Look at this tweet from Hillary Clinton, While she is running for Liar in Chief, she has the audacity to call Trump and Pence “Dangerous.”

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I am quite sure that we will see the vitriolic rhetoric ratchet up to the unbearable level in the days and weeks ahead.

Who is Mike Pence – What is your reaction?

What is your reaction to the governor being selected as Trump’s running mate?  Do you think it will help or hurt him in the polls?  Will people get behind this duo and support their efforts to make america great again?

Or, will the staunch conservative narrative cause a lack of support and help Hillary to become liar in chief?

I think that the silent majority have probably had enough of the liberal agenda being rammed down their throat. Who is Mike Pence - Profile 1

I look forward to your comments below!



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4 thoughts on “Who is Mike Pence”

  1. Greetings Tom —

    Thanks for the background on Gov. Pence. I like what I see on paper and am glad he takes a more conservative stance on many important issues. Perhaps Gov. Pence’s presence will add the balance that some conservative voters feel is missing in Donald Trump. What I know for sure is that the Trump/Pence team are truly interested in stopping the insanity that has gripped our nation and want to “Make America Great Again!” And I LOVE that!

    1. Hi Dr Deb!

      Thank you again for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com and for your comment here regarding “Who is Mike Pence.”

      I am very comfortable with a more conservative VP pick from Donald Trump! And the fact that Governor Pence has been a successful governor for the state of Indiana is certainly a huge plus! My only concern is that some of his viewpoints might be a little strong to get some of the independent votes Trump will need to win this election.

      I hate to think that Hillary Clinton could actually win. I’m already sick from the Obama administration and the destruction of the country that has occurred on his watch. While I can’t believe people would actually vote for her at all, the polls indicate that she is still getting a ton of votes.

      It’s hard to believe. She should be in prison. Its clear that she is a criminal in more ways than one, and yet people still want to put her in office.


      While I do have some reservations about Mr. Trump, I am not willing to compromise my personal values enough to even consider Mrs. Clinton as a suitable president.

      This is going to be an interesting election season, that’s for sure!


  2. Yes i agree that this is an interesting election, infact this might be the most interesting election because Donald Trump, the stronger candidate i presume, has a very different character for a president. The way he thinks, talk, humiliates, his ego, his pride…. but I am not saying that they are all bad. Because of his ego and strong character, and the fact that he is a good negotiator, he might really be able to make America great again.

    1. Greetings Axton!
      Thank you for visiting TheCivilVoice.com and for your comment regarding “Who is Mike Pence.”

      I guess you have to have a pretty strong personality in order to put yourself in a position like running for president. I, like many people, are surprised that Mr. Trump won the republican nomination for president. Most people thought when he entered the race that he wouldn’t make it to the end. But he has. It is clear to me that the people are tired of the status quo and Mr. Trump represents an outsider in the political spectrum. Perhaps that is a good thing. It seems clear that the politicians that have been running the show haven’t really been doing a good job. I suppose we need to shake it up a bit.

      Governor Pence is a conservative politician that may be seen as a moderating force from some of Trump’s wilder moments. He will likely be accepted by conservatives that don’t think that Trump is conservative enough. Since he is an experience politician that has been a successful executive as Governor of Indiana, he also would be ready to be president in the event of mishap that would take Mr. Trump out of office.

      Thank you so much for your comment here!
      All the best to you in your endeavors.


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