Why I Left the Left and You Should Too

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “if you are not liberal in your twenties you have no heart.” It wasn’t until I was older that I began to understand what was meant by this phrase. I would like to ponder this thought and tell you why I left the left and you should too.

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Why I Left the Left and You Should Too

I’m a man in the middle of life. In my mid fifties, and I have seen success, and failure. I’ve had many accomplishments that I am proud of. And, there are some things that as I look back today, I would have done differently.

This is just the way life goes. We make mistakes. It is important that we learn from them. This is how I feel about the change in my over all political persuasion.

When I was young, like many young people today, I thought it was important to reject mainstream thought. The masses seemed like sheep, and I surely didn’t want to be considered one of them.

No, I thought I was much more of a rebel. This meant that I had to push away from mainstream ideas. Well, the left welcomed me in!

Why I Left the Left and You Should Too – Early Influences

I grew up with images of the “police action” of Vietnam on the TV, and it looked like war to me. Vietnam was the first war seen in such detail on TV. The images broadcast were the worst things of this kind ever seen by the american public.

The video above is a sample of the kind of reporting that was broadcast by the major networks of the day. I can remember seeing these types of reports and images. There was a lot of outrage in america and around the world.

Below is a short video that highlights an anti war protest in Washington, DC. Thousands of people came together to demand an end to the war.

But, I grew up in a military family. My father was a Captain in the US Army. So there was no protesting in our household. I would see these images on TV, and hear my father talk about how these protestors were anti american.

At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about. I was young, all I could see was the atrocity of war and damage it was doing in Vietnam and here.

I just couldn’t understand why we couldn’t have peace. How could the educated people of the world allow these kinds of things to take place?

Why I Left the Left and You Should Too – Race Riots

The sixties were a tumultuous time in the United States. Often growth requires immense effort and sometimes pain. We were growing on many fronts, and there was much pain.

People in the United States were suffering from aging systems and backwards thinking and none were impacted more than black americans. To me, the color of one’s skin didn’t matter. We were all just people. But, ignorance was far to prominent in our society and the people were demanding change.

Why I Left the Left and You Should Too – Women’s Rights

Women were feeling the pain of outdated sexist ideas and systems and they had had enough.

The women’s liberation drew strength from other mass movements and sought to change the plight of women.

My point in reminding you of these events is to show you some of the influences in my early life that led me to believe in a more “progressive” attitude.

I believe in the rights of the people. Equality for all the people. Equal opportunity for everyone. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. I believe that we all have the right to live our lives in peace.

Shouldn’t all the people of the world have these same rights? Of course they should! And, who wouldn’t believe in that too?

Why I Left the Left – Dave Rubin

I recently stumbled across a video by Dave Rubin at Prager University, that really does a good job of expressing some of my feelings about these issues and where we are today. I hope you will enjoy it.

Why I Left the Left – The Regressive Left

Modern progressive philosophy is no longer about the freedom of expression and the right to live the way you want. Instead it promotes the mandating of only their opinion, by bullying, violence, or force from the government, if necessary, to accomplish their goals. This is regressive and authoritarian.

My earlier support of progressive ideals was in part because of an anti-authoritarian perspective. But now, the proverbial sweet milk of my utopian dream has been curdled by the oppressive and violent tactics employed by the left.

I agree with the perspective presented by Dave Rubin in the video above. And, I hope that my “progressive” friends will take a moment to consider this thoughtful and logical perspective.

I look forward to your opinions on this one folks! Please take a moment to comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Why I Left the Left and You Should Too”

  1. One never has a choice as to the environment one is born into. Babies grow & learn from their experiences and the teachings from their parents. If there comes a time that one has to break away from the “way of thinking” handed down from the parents, it can either be traumatic, dramatic, or peaceful. Every household is different. But many are too indolent to learn what the other side is truly about.
    You and I Tom have many shared experiences. I’m from a military family, born & raised in the liberal steel belt (with demanding unions), and moved toward the conservative side. No matter how they spin anything, the base premise is deceit.

    1. Hi Mark!
      Thank you very much for visiting TheCivilVoice.Com, and for your comment regarding “Why I Left the Left and You Should Too.

      It is unfortunate in my opinion that a party with with such lofty ideals has to resort to the kind of tactics and falsehoods they do today. What a disappointment.

      They not only tear away at the fabric of our country and our constitution, but, they tear apart their own supporters by deceiving them. I believe that the democratic party has been usurped. They are now being controlled by socialists and a socialist agenda. Unfortunately, the young people who scream the loudest for the cause, don’t know that they are being used by people that will only subjugate them if they are to come to power.

      Be vigilant my friend! And, spread the word! Try to educate any who will hear you.
      It is a struggle, but, one we must win. If not, all our freedoms will be lost.


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